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The house

December 14, 2008

When we first bought the land, I was pregnant.  For those wanting to draw a time line, this was in 2004.    We began to scribble floor plans and discuss what we wanted from a house.  After a couple of months of this, we finally picked an architect and began ordering official house plans.  My first year anniversary gift (which is paper)  from my husband was a complete set of house plans.  We decided to save money by having my husband taking the role of general contractor and delegating many of the tasks to the “we can do it ourselves” category.  Once we had general costs figured, we sat down and created a spreadsheet showing just his salary, our current expenses by month, and what would be left for a house payment.  It wasn’t enough.  Oh how I cried.  Not those pretty little tears that run so enchantingly down the heroines face when tragedy strikes.  I cried big honking tears complete with the runny nose thing and a lot of red splotchiness of face.  My poor husband.  He is a wonderful guy, but he doesn’t do tears or extreme emotion real well.  He just held me and patted my back every so often and sat through the storm.  When I got to the hiccuping part of the crying jag, he tried to “fix” it.  He suggested I keep working after the baby came.  “Fix it” guy and extreme hormonal pregnant woman…  Yeah, there were more tears and some heartfelt words…  You have to understand.   Before I became pregnant, we had discussed this and decided (I decided, he agreed) that I would stay home with the baby…  So we sat down again and redrew plans.  And started researching more economical ways of building.  We looked at concrete walls, stained concrete floors, and hay houses…  We settled on building a metal building.  We left a 6″ ledge for bricking in the house at a later date.  Here it is in all it’s glory:

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