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It’s SUPER MOM to the rescue

December 16, 2008
With a fierce determination, winter blew in and claimed our little section of the world. All morning long I have been hearing the song lyrics, “Baby, it’s cold outside…” Granted for you northerner livin’ folks reading this- it ain’t nothin’ compared to what ya’ll get. (I tried to get fixin’ in that sentence, but my poor tired brain couldn’t make it work. I have been up since 4am… Don’t ask.)
When I looked out the window, I couldn’t help but notice that the animals water bowl had frozen over and I had to go and break it. Yes. it’s SUPER MOM to the rescue… Out the door I went in my pajamas and bare feet… Yeah, we don’t wear our shoes in the house… YIKES, that concrete is cold!!! I instantly regreted being too lazy to go find my flipflops. My husband doesn’t like shoes by the door where any sane person would keep them and has removed them all to the bedroom….Silly man. Wait, I’m losing the thread of my story… I meant to say that times were desperate… The poor animals NEEDED that water! I must rush to the rescue. (It helps if you hum heroic music to yourself as you read that last part.) Okay, bare feet, cold concrete, temperatures in the freezing range… There I stood. Orrather, tried to stand without actually allowing any part of my foot to actually touch the concrete for longer than 1 second… There I was, hopping about like a mad woman poking the ice with a sad little stick that was just bending when it touched the surface, when I saw it. I saw SNOW on the ground… I know some Texans had snow earlier this week, but we didn’t get any of that. But today- we had snow. Rather sad and pitiful snow. Snow that was already on the ground and looking like it was embarrassed of itself for having landed in the wrong place. Not the pretty softly swirly stuff gracefuly dancing its way to the ground and makes for pretty pictures and fun times for all. But, beggars can’t be choosers or something like that… Giving up on the stick, I rushed to the door. Did I grab my shoes? No. I got my camera. Don’t ask me why- I just wanted a picture of the snow… Everybody else had pictures of the snow… Pretty snow… Sigh… Well, here’s my pictures of the snow.

And yes, I did get the water bowl situation worked out. I got a cup of hot water and poured it over that arrogant thin layer of ice. I taught IT who was boss! Oh yeah, baby!
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  1. fullfreezer permalink
    December 17, 2008 12:53 am

    At least you didn’t manage to lock yourself outside in your bare feet 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed your snow- I need to go shovel ours.

  2. River permalink
    December 17, 2008 7:57 pm

    My husband insists it was ice and not snow. What do men know? And he still won’t let me put my shoes by the back door…


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