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Candy day on the old farm… Except we don’t live on a farm…

December 17, 2008
Today, the song in my head is “Well, the weather outside is frightful…” Even though we have no snow today. The weather is brisk and cold with that damp waiting feeling giving solid weight to the air. Moisture of some sort is coming today. Definitely an indoor kind of day. Which is good. The animals still laugh at me whenever I step out the door. Evidently, they are not appreciative of my risking frostburn for them. Sigh… It’s sad when the animals make fun of you. Even sadder when you THINK the animals are making fun of you…
Since we were stuck inside, away from the smirking animals, I decided to make candy. And avoid cleaning the house. It sounds homey and nice and country-ish. Plus, when my husband asks what I did all day, I’ll have an answer complete with visuals. Plus, the neighbors called to say they would be dropping by with a cookie platter later today. Yikes! The pressure was ON! Not being a true country gal, I did what any self respcting girl wanting to impress does. I turned to the internet and the food network. I just love it when they talk about knife skills and plating. Not that I have any skill in that area. I just like seeing it. Anywhoo- I searched for some recipes of candies that sounded easy and that we had the ingredients to make. The nearest grocery store of any type is about 20 minutes away. Which isn’t bad. But the thought of getting dressed, getting the kids ready, and actually leaving in the car was overwhelming. Mostly it was the thought of getting dressed. I try to be dressed by the time my husband comes home, but I didn’t want to rush things.
After salivating over several pictures (why does everything sooo good have to be sooo bad for you?) I decided on peppermint bark, toffee, and no bake clusters. And here we are:

Now you may be asking yourself why the toffee is in a bag and not beautifully arranged in a tin like the others… Toffee sounded easy. Tthis recipe called for only three ingredients. How could I go wrong? Yeah, I burned the sugar. The toffee tastes a little off… So guess what darling honey gets in his lunch tomorrow? He’ll be all appreciative that I did something special just for him. And knows better than to come home later saying it tasted weird. A win/win situation. Everything else is all packed up and waiting for the neighbors to drop by to claim them. I guess if three gifts were good enough for baby Jesus, two ought to be good enough for the neighbors.
All I have to do now is get out the vacuum cleaner and park it by the door. That way when they get here I can say, “Oh, I was just about to vacuum…”
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