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What in the world to do?

December 18, 2008

I’m thinking about moving my blog to wordpress.  I wanted to check out the functions and stuff before I did anything drastic. Drastic as in learning all about this type of blog and having that information push out the other important stuff I need to remember.  Stuff like my children’s birthdays, my full name, or where I live…  Of course my kids are only 1 and 3.  I could make up any date and say, “Hey it’s your birthday!” and they would buy it.   But the point is- my brain is only so big!  And I think I’m losing a little more of my mind every day.  It’s all apart of the Age Leakage Syndrome…  Those of us who are more mature realize this syndrome encompasses many things.  I will only be discussing the memory aspect.  The other symptoms, quit frankly, are just gross and you younguns will discover it soon enough.  Back to my point (I think I had one when I started…)  As I age, I leak memory .  Kind of like when a car gets old and starts leaking oil.  The older I get, the longer the list of embarrassing moments I stack up as a direct result from Age Leakage.  And of course, those memories push out other important stuff and the cycle goes on.  My husband has always had this.  With him though- it’s just Guy Brain.  (Let me know if I’m getting too technical with my terms and all) Guy Brain is that instant evaluation of a piece of information (if he actually heard it to begin with) and the decision to either remember it or let it pass right through his head like the wind…  And let me tell you, it is rather windy in our house these days…

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