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4 AM

December 20, 2008
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Super mom is not getting enough sleep.  Here’s what happened only this morning:

Wearily, I raised my head from the pillow and turned my bleary eyes to the bright red numbers on the alarm clock.  With a small groan, I rolled out of bed.  “I’m coming, I’m coming,” I mumbled as I made my way to Little Buddy’s room.  Didn’t he know it was only 4 in the morning?!?  Evidently not since that is the time he has been waking me up for the last WEEK!  

Super mom is feeling distinctly not super.  I love that little boy, but he has got to learn to tell time!  We have tried putting him to bed a little earlier, a little later, with stuffed animals, without stuffed animals, with his head at the other end of the baby bed, and (my personal favorite that my husband thought up) with his toy baseball bat…  without telling his wife… who walked in at 4 am to be clobbered.  Nice.  

It’s not that he cries or screams or any other negative thing (notice I didn’t say ANNOYING because anything at 4 am, anything that disturbs my sleep is ANNOYING no matter how sweet)…  He looks at you and smiles, standing in his crib and says, “Good Morning.”  I’m not kidding.  His first word was, “No.”  Followed quickly by “Hello, I love you, goodbye!” while holding the play phone to his ear.  Before you judge- remember I’m ALL ALONE on fifty acres.  The phone is a necessity, people! Then (my favorite), “Mama.”  And now, evidently, “Good morning!”  

Ah well, what are you going to do?  That’s right- tonight I’m giving the little stinker his toy hammer…  Without telling his daddy…  And I’m sending Honey in to deal with the child at 4 am.   I feel better just thinking about it…

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