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Christmas is coming… I know because it’s on the list.

December 23, 2008

I am a list maker.  Big Time.  I make lists about the lists that I have.  The original TO DO TODAY list girl.  With Christmas, I am snowed under with lists.  Lists about Christmas presents still to buy, Christmas presents still to be wrapped, phone calls to make about Christmas Day, food to be bought for Christmas Day, food to be made for Christmas, needed items for the house for the Christmas party, needed items for the kids in order to survive the Christmas holidays… You get the general idea.  Sigh.  With all the lists, it’s hard to remember to breathe, much less enjoy the holiday season.  When did it get sooo complicated?  This year I am simplifying.  I am putting all the lists into the drawer (I can’t throw them away, what if I need them?!?) and playing it by ear.  Yeah, I can do that…  Okay, all in the drawer…  Now, what did I need to do next…  Let’s see…  Maybe I’ll just check the drawer one more time just to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything…  Okay, there, drawer checked and closed…  I can do this.  Wait, what did I need from the grocery store?  I’ll just take that list out.  I wouldn’t want to forget something from the grocery store.  Other people have grocery store lists.  I’ve seen them in the store with them…  Okay I’ll take that list out…  And the list about who to call about Christmas Day.  I wouldn’t want to forget to invite someone.  That would be terrible…  Okay.  Two lists, that’s not so bad.  Wait, what about this list of Christmas presents to buy?  I wouldn’t want to forget someone’s gift.  Think how they would feel?  It would be awful.  I would ruin Christmas for them…. Okay, that list comes out too… Now let’s see…  Yeah, I’ll need this one and that one…  Oh, I can’t do without this list… Uh-oh, now the drawer is empty of lists.  Hmmm….  

Okay, this year I’m going to simplify… I’m just going to compile all these lists on to one master list and then I’ll have just the one list.   I’ll just add breathe and enjoy the holidays to the list. That’s not crazy, is it?

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