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Computer difficulties and chickens

January 6, 2009

Don’t cha know- as soon as I start a new tech project, my computer dies.  SIGH.  We are trying to get it fixed, but there is no news at this point.  What upsets me the most, is that all my kids pictures are on it.  I had backed them up on CD’s (Good girl!) but when I tried to access one, it wouldn’t work.  2007, of course.  The year my son was born.  Double SIGH.  Anyway, I am sorry I have been gone, and I will try to do better and get something up soon. 

You really haven’t missed much.  Depression, complaining, moaning, even a few tears.  Did you really want to hear about all that, anyway?  I hope your new year is off to a real bang up start.  I think we will be talking about chickens soon.  Are you scared?  I am.  We want to get some this spring.  We have a chicken place near here that sells the little baby chicks.  I’m not sure what kind we are going to get yet.  We want some broilers and egg layers.  Any suggestions for super easy, gentel chickens for inexperienced potential chicken farmers?  Or maybe there’s a type of chicken that lays CLEAN eggs?

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