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Nothing’s Ever Easy

January 16, 2009

I may have to find my super mom costume (complete with towel cape) in order to face today.  We are having technology difficulties and other types of difficulties in our household.  I am writing this because I am sure (hope) that I am not the only one with these particular type of woes…

My computer is in the shop (hopefully being fixed) and my husband is always on his computer when I have time to blog.  So.  My life in a nutshell.  Nothing is ever easy.  Right now, as I try to type a loving epistle to my masses of adoring fans, my son is trying to turn my lap so he can climb up and play with the computer, too.  My daughter is screaming, “Mom!  Mom!  Mom!” repeatedly in the living room trying to get me to fix whatever problem she has rather than getting UP and coming to see me for help.  Just a minute….

Yes.  Nothing is ever easy.  Even for an almost four year old.  All she wanted was for me to take her cup and put it back in the kitchen since she was done drinking from it.  After a long discussion about getting her backside off the couch and taking the drink to the kitchen herself, with tears and several, “I just want YOU to do it, mommy.” I had to be Super Mom.  The great SHE of infinite patience and logic…  Using these Super Skills, I have talked the child into actually sliding off the couch.  There are more tears…  A few more requests for me to do it.  But YES!  She HAS managed to complete this herculean task herself, with me holding her hand the whole way.  SIGH!!!!

And my son is now contemplating the dog’s food.  And cutting his eyes at me to see if I’m noticing that he is contemplating the dog’s food.  Like I don’t feed him or something.  Sigh. Now the dog is contemplating my son contemplating her dog food.  This could get interesting…  The dog is looking at me.  I swear she’s begging me to protect her dog food from the human garbage disposal…   Once again, it is time for Super Mom…  Just a minute….

Yes, nothing is ever easy.  The dog loves me for being Super Mom and rescuing her dog food, but my son is not happy at all.  There were tears and screams and miscellaneous head banging.  Have I mentioned my son is almost two?  Yes, the terrible twos.  My son is evidently GT since he has started HIS terrible two’s at only 18 months.  The next year or so should be soooo much fun.

All right, on to the plan for the day.  Today, we are preparing soup for our church’s cooking and caring ministry.  I received the recipe last night in an email.  For soup to be served on Saturday.  That means (oh joy) a trip to the grocery store.  With children.  Just another average adventure for your overwhelmed, needs more sleep, hardworking, stay at home mom.    Definitely a Super Mom day.  Where’s my theme music?

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  1. January 16, 2009 8:58 pm

    I hope you found your cape! Sounds like a busy day!!!
    To make things easier- I’ve got something for you. Stop by my site and pick it up.

    • River permalink*
      January 18, 2009 7:50 pm

      Thanks! That does make one feel better, doesn’t it? 🙂

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