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House of Sickness

January 18, 2009

Yesterday started out with a bang as the two kids and I headed out into the great wild to participate in our church’s cookin’ and carin’ ministry.  We (I am using the royal We here since I really mean I)  reheated soup, changed a diaper, cut bananas for the banana pudding, took a child to the potty, cut some more bananas, refereed a fight about playdough, started closing up the pudding boxes, comforted a crying child who ran into the wall (head first, like always),  packed up soup bags, chased a child around the room trying to retrieve the bag of donuts he has liberated from the table,  tried to explain to a 1 and 1/2 year old that he can’t eat other people’s food, loaded the car, and delivered two soup meals.  WHEW! 

Then I headed home.  And my daughter started to complain that SHE was tired.  No kidding…  Anyhoo- we get home and she crashes on the couch and I fix lunch for two children, my husband, and myself.  And I was the only one who ate it while it was hot.  If they don’t come to the table when I call, they can live off the fat of the land…  My daughter continued to lay on the couch and watch TV.  This is not normal.  I was thankful that she was still and not pestering me, but I was beginning to feel a little worried.  I took her temperature.  And started to feel a little guilty.  What kind of mom is thankful her child is still when in reality, the mom just didn’t notice the 102 degree fever that is raging in her body?  Oh the guilt.  So we start on motrin.  Three hours later and no change.  Now I’m a little paniky…  Add some tylenol…  (Don’t worry about the mixed meds- I had called the doc and talked to the night nurse and this is what SHE reccomended..  Don’t fuss at me- I already have a plateful of guilt…)  Finally the fever came down.  Yippee- skippy!  And off we all go to bed.  Except I can’t sleep.  Remember the guilt?  I was up every four hours checking her temp and medicating her as neccessary.  And waking up my husband to give him updates.  Not that he cared much.  HE didn’t have the guilt.  At least he got to share in the interrupted sleep.  Sigh… 

Needless to say, we are doing well this morning.  I got over the guilt around 4 am when the lack of sleep destroyed that part of my brain.  I wasn’t sad to see it go…  I’m sure it will return with a vengance the next time I do something not perfect.  Which should be any second now…

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