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January 23, 2009

It’s been almost a week now, and everyone has been sick.  Except the dog.  I’m trying real hard to count my blessings.  With snot, vomit, and other bodily fluids abounding, I’m stretching to find some good.  No  one has been sleeping well and everyone’s cranky.  We have been to the doctor twice.  Once for my daughter ($) and once for my son($$).  Honey and I will just tough it out.  We can make it.  It’s only making us feel like death warmed over… 

The kids are feeling better.  It would just be nice if they wouldn’t be quit so perky and loud.  Hey- the kids are feeling better…  That’s another blessing.  As tired as I am- I am not surprised I missed the obvious.  My mom came down to help.  Yep- we infected her too.  She’s headed back today.  She’s just starting to show symptoms.  I hope she makes it home in time.  Where she will probably infect my dad…  It sure is nice to be so loved that she was more concerned with helping us than avoiding this miserable sickness.  And there’s another blessing.  I’m up to three already!   Yoo whoo!! 

Now if my husband was telling this story, he would probably wax poetic about how I seem to be developing laryngitis and don’t seem to be able to finish a sentence.  Not very nice, is it?  It’s a good thing I know he loves me or I would have to counter with some other ugly thought.  Instead- I’ve found another blessing- he loves me!  I am on a roll, folks.  For a day that started out pretty miserable (up at 4 after not a whole lot of sleep thanks to the boy child and his illness needs) things are looking up.  God has blessed me.  It’s my job to remember the blessings and count them each day.  Even when it seems like finding one will be a challenge. 

Hope your day is filled with easy to find blessings.  Or not.  Maybe you like the challenge of discovering them in the midst of turbulence and chaos, too.  As always- As God wills.  🙂

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