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Laundry and clothing

January 25, 2009

Why is it that the higher the pile of laundry the less I feel like doing it?  Like now, we’ve had various sickness in the house for a week and no one has anything clean to wear and yet, I’m all for going native and letting the children run around in PJ’s rather than sort the laundry and start the washing machine.  If it was any warmer- I would be willing to let them run naked as God made them.  And while we are on the subject, we is it that the kids strip in the most inappropriate places?  Last year, Sweet Pea started dance lessons.  Around the fourth or fifth one, she was a little bored with the lack of action and started peeling off her leotard and tights.  One of the other mothers leaned over to me and mock whispered, “You know, it’s not really THAT kind of dance.”  I did laugh, but also noted it was not her child running around stark naked in front of the whole world. 

Oh, my sweet Jesus- save me from being embarrassed of my child being a child.  Allow me to see the humor always.  She is your creation, Lord.  And for that I marvel and give abundant thanks.  Bless her always and give me the guidance I need to raise her to be a Godly woman.  Even when she’s running around naked.  Amen

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  1. January 26, 2009 4:14 pm

    I’m laughing because I am blogging instead of doing my own pile of laundry!

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. We are starting to work through a lot of those issues (that post was awhile back) and since then I have found that my son has ADHD and my daughter has ADD. God really answered my prayers…that was when I started begging God to show me the way with my kids, that I couldn’t do it anymore alone. And he gave me an answer very very quickly…a medical condition I can research and learn how to handle, and a new heart for trusting God’s will and direction. I firmly believe that he allowed us to not know for so long (2 years) the medical diagnosis so that I would STAY HOME and fight for my marriage wholeheartedly and learn how to trust HIM.

    Have a blessed day!


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