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Life Lessons and Love

January 27, 2009

Last night at Dance, IT happened.  My Sweet Pea was denied the sticker award for not doing what the teacher asked her to do.  Imagine that.  My overly dramatic stubborn strong willed girl child.  Not doing as she was told…  None of the other girls got a sticker either…  Now here’s the thing- The instructor is very sweet but not married, has no kids, and is very young.  As in just graduated from college young.  I have no problem with her dance expertise, but expecting a room full of three and four year olds to actually do what is asked more than 50% of the time is a rather high goal.  The instructor is a little tense because she started working with them on the recital dance that will be performed (for better or worse) in May.  She never got pass the marching in and turning to face the audience part of the routine.  Now, I fully support her not giving a sticker as a consequence for not paying attention.  Fully and totally.  Except for that small little part of my heart that is crying with my daughter.  She is so precious and wonderful, how could you not reward her for just being who she is? 

Sweet Pea and I talked about it and she fully understands why she didn’t get the sticker and we talked about what to do next week in order to earn a sticker.  She totally gets it.  I totally get it in my head.  How come no one warned me about how hard it would be when others don’t appreciate all that is Sweet Pea?  Yes she is dramatic.  Oh yes she is.  A small thing will have her crying like her heart will break.  Complete with tears, mind you.  Scarlet has nothing on my girl.  But she has the most loving, most demonstrative, most precious of natures ever!  And God made her that way.  Dramatic strong-willed stubborn child that she is.  I just pray He teaches me how to handle my mommy over-protectiveness so that I can help her learn these life lessons.  I know she will be better for it.  I will always love my child.  No matter what she does, or who she becomes, or what choices she makes.  Not so true for the others in her life. 

It’s a whole new lesson about unconditional love.  Turns out the lesson for the daughter is really a lesson for the mother.  Because God loves me in that same unconditional way.  I find that awe inspiring.  And don’t you know how thankful I am for that?  I haven’t always done, become,  or made the best choices as God would have me do.  (I could tell you stories that would shame me to no end!  However, thankfully to my pride, life is short and this post is wordy enough.) But still He is faithful and loves me for what I am.  A stubborn strong-willed mother that is still learning and changing into the creature God would have me be.  I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree…  And in case you are wondering- I am NOT dramatic- she gets THAT from her FATHER’S  side…

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