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Guess what I did on my vacation… You’ll never guess…

February 14, 2009


We had a great time on our vacation.  Or rather, I had a great time on our vacation.  Turns out Honey gets a little sea sick…  Just a little.  We got on the boat and looked around and were all excited and touristy and everything.  Then the boat left the dock.  My honey didn’t do too bad with that.  So,we went to the casino.   The casino was having a demonstration of diffrent games and we decided to try it out.  We aren’t gamblers with money but this was “PRETEND” money.  We were each given $1,000 on the Texas Hold ‘Em game.  And some of the people playing were all serious and planning on entering the tournament later.  They were sitting there all non-smiling and stuff.  Would you like to guess who won?  It was little ole me!  I cleaned everybody out and had $9,000 pretend dollars.  People were not happy.  I was happy.  My honey wasn’t too hip with the rockin and rollin but he was hangin’ in there like a trooper, so then we went on to explore the boat.  It was very neato keano.  The rockin’ and rollin’ of the boat was getting a little stronger, so we headed to dinner and then honey went to bed and I wandered around on my own.  I played “Name that Tune” in the piano bar.  I didn’t win that.  I decided I needed to spread the fun around and not waste it all the first night and headed up to bed with my man.  Who was snoring.  It was real romantic, ya’ll. 

      The first full day on the boat was a “Day of Fun at Sea”.  Except not for my darling Honey.  He tried like all get out to go and do, but the boat was rocking so bad that the horizon would totally disappear out of the window.  The throw up bags were taped in strategic locations around the boat.  Yeah, he wasn’t the only one.  On the good side, the lines for everything were short.  And I was feeling fine.  Yeah- I’m selfish like that sometimes.  Anywhoo- we decided to play Bingo.  Guess who won $150 REAL dollars???  ME!  It was the game you make a four square on your card.  I used my free space and I won in three balls!  The cruise director asked if I was kidding…  With money involved…  And all the other cruisers starin’ at me with looks that were not the friendly type…  Oh well.  I was just making friends right and left!  That night was formal night and we got all dressd up and had our picture taken.  And then honey decided he wasn’t going to be able to survive dinner.  So down he went to the room and I headed off to the buffet to fix him a plate of goodies.  In case he got hungry.  And then I went to formal night.  When I got back to the cabin.  Honey was snoring again.  I was glad he was getting in his rest.  Really, I was. 

The next day we arrived in Cozumel.  We chose the clear kayak and snorkel adventure.  All Inclusive with dinner and drinks.  And away we went.  I was thinkin’ that Honey might feel better on dry land.  Nope.  We got there and the water was soooo beautiful.  I had to get in!  So I carefully made my way to the water.  The beach there is not sand.  It is rock.  Not little rocks.  It’s like the beach is one giant piece of solid rock.  Covered with lichen.  Yea, you can see it comin’.  I slipped.  And fell.  And broke my tailbone.  No kiddin’.  I didn’t know it then, but I found out later, on the ship- my tailbone is broken.  And boy howdy does that hurt!!  You try walking around without moving your rear end and see how well you do…  But I would not let that deter me from the grand adventure.  We struggled through the clear kayak (beautiful) and the snorkeling (amazing) and even downed a couple of drinks and ate (Yummy!).  And back to the ship we went. 

For the rest of the story, you can freely insert Ouches and moans of pain anytime I’m required to sit down or stand up.  Walking wasn’t so bad, but the stairs…  I shed just a tear or two…

The next day was Progresso.  Again with the beautiful and restful adjectives.  We did the VIP beach vacation.  THEY had sand the way a beach is suppose to be.  It was lovely.  Back to the boat and on to the next “FUN DAY AT SEA”.  This is about where honey started to recover from his seasickness and we did enjoy the rest of the trip.  Unitl the last night.  When at 2am the boat caught on fire.  No kidding.  A bunch of towels outside one of the rooms caught on fire.  We are thinkin a non sober person flicked his ciggie or something.  So we got to practice the evacuation drill again.  What fun!  We made it back to the room around 3ish and slept until morning when it was time to leave. 

Despite my broken tailbone that hurts even as I write this, I would so do this again.  I don’t know how honey feels.  I haven’t the heart to ask him yet.  It is Valentine’s Day and all.

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  1. February 14, 2009 10:56 am

    Oh, what a grand adventure. Just think- if things had gone smoothly, you wouldn’t have nearly as much fun telling the stories. It would have been just another boring cruise.
    Hope all recover soon.

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