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Baby weight…

February 19, 2009

Okay. I have a serious question.  How old does your baby have to be for the “I’m still working on losing that baby fat from my last baby” line not work anymore?  I’m just askin’.  Because people who should know better (my honey) have started to give me THE look when I say this in public.  You know the one- where has your mind gone and can you please leave my prescence and go join it?  Which of course prompts the other person hearing this pitiful excuse to ask the dreaded, “And how old is your baby?”  Now, my baby’s age is still measured in months.  I know because the highly esteemed and knows everything pediatrician does it.  Clothing for children is labeled that way.  And you should be allowed to use that excuse as long as you can say the age in months, right?  So you just mumble your answer with the only distinctive part being the word “months” and most people let it go at that.  Unless your husband is standing by you with the aforementioned look.  If that is the case, they other person is often curious (because they KNOW something is up) and will say, “Pardon?  I didn’t quite get that?”  Forcing you to ‘fess up.  And say defiantly, “My son is ONLY eighteen MONTHS.”

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