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March 7, 2009

You know how I keep bringing up the fact that we are getting chickens?  We’ll we are putting that off AGAIN.  I think we are scared to just get in there and do it.  I have so much on my plate with my small fries and animals and husband that this doesn’t bother me too much.  But my daughter asks EVERYDAY, when are we getting the chickens?  We have looked on the internet and chosen the Pearl White Leghorn.  To be honest, after reading each description of each bird, I would think, “That’s the one we should get.”  I couldn’t make a decision.  So I called in my official decision maker (Sweet Pea has an opinion on EVERYTHING.  She may never have to FIND herself.  She’s very with-it for an almost 4 year old.)  And showed her the pictures of the chickens. I explained all the positive benefits of several chickens and had a rather long discussion about why some eggs are white and some are brown and some are green and purple and blue.  I have no idea the reason.  I just told her that’s how God made them.  Anywhoo- The type we picked are excellent egg layers, hardy, and have white eggs.  Can you guess which was the most important to me?  The white eggs.  Why, you may ask.  (You always do ask such excellent questions)  The reason is that I have two small children and we will be dying eggs on Easter.  It may be random, but it is a decision.  Now we are waiting until we get the fence around the chicken coup.  And then we can order.  I think…

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  1. March 7, 2009 12:40 pm

    We don’t have chickens of our own but do eat brown eggs. We have purchased white eggs to dye at Easter in the past but may see what happens when we dye the brown eggs this year. It could be fun. I love how the brown eggs never seem to all be the same shade anyway.

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