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Going Green…

March 18, 2009

Yesterday, my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group meet and we discussed being green.  Not like Kermit and there was no catchy song.  Our loss…  Anywhoo- we discussed being environmentally responsible and all that and the speaker (the original speaker couldn’t make it due to fog and one of our own stepped in and did a lovely job using the original’s slides and notes) talked about making your own household cleaners.  I liked the things she had to say and she even provided recipes from her friend’s (original speaker’s) website.  (Maybe I should upload a flow chart to keep all these people straight.  Wait, I’m trying to stick to the point.  I had one when I started, I know I did!)  So I thought I would try one thing at a time and see how it went.  (Whew!  I made it back to my point.  Did I lose anyone on the way?)  You know how I love being responsible and all…  You know it’s not polite to laugh at others.  Anywhoo- I mixed up the basic soap and water spray recipe and cleaned the kitchen counters.  I liked how simple it was to mix (who doesn’t have soap and water?!?) and how I didn’t even freak out even a little bit when my son managed to get a hold of the spray bottle and give himself a facial.  Okay- now you know my real motivation for going green.  My son looks like he only has two hands, but let me tell you- he has got to have at least two others hidden somewhere on his body!  I can not keep him out of stuff!  And the boy is quiet.  He is the master of the stealth attack.  SIGH.  We have been using a white vinegar/water mix to clean our snap laminate floors.  It gives them a little bit of a shine and, once again, I don’t have to worry about my mutant child of the many hands.  I have even been known to hand the bottle and a rag to my daughter and let her have at it.  She thinks its fun…  I think my daughter may be a neat freak.  Another genetic mutation…  Heaven help us…

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  1. March 18, 2009 6:48 pm

    My hubby is currently writing the ‘Project Greenify’ blog for a Texas energy company (Bounce) and is always looking for ideas for topics. I’ll have to suggest the cleaning products. We have been making some of our own for a few years so it’s something that’s easy to forget because for us it’s so automatic.

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