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Bento Lunches

March 23, 2009

My Sweet Pea starts preschool next fall and I have been worried over the whole lunch issue.  She doesn’t eat much to start with and so I started searching on google (who is one of my very best friends) about preschool lunches.  And there is this whole population of women who have come up with a solution.  It’s called a bento.  It’s an Asian inspired way of eating/packing a lunch.  Basically, your meal should be 3 parts carbs, 1 part protein, and 2 parts veggies and fruits.  Also you pack the lunch without using baggies (I know!) and it all fits in one box.  And there are several sites that explain it much better than I can (google is your friend, too).  I then spent HOURS looking at all the pretty pictures.  Here is one site that had pictures.  And another.  Now, what is the result of all this looking, you may wonder.  (I know you often wonder about my point- or if I even have one!) SO- the point is: I would like to do this.  But I am lazy.  And not very creative.  So, I think I will attempt this sorta.  In my own way.  Maybe…  Nothing like a little indecision/wishy-washyness on a Monday morning…  Starts off the whole week right and all.  SO- I am going to try and make some pretty lunches for my husband, who just loves being a guinea pig and who would love to open such a pretty lunch at work.  In front of others…  Who are all men…  And carry guns… Yea, I think I will try that…

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