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It’s Friday, cleaning, and the economy…

April 3, 2009

  What is it about Fridays that just feels blessed?  Even ifyou don’t drive in to go to work.  I think the kids even feel different on Fridays.  Or maybe that’s just the donuts a friend brings by every Friday…  Anywhoo- I have been on a major cleaning kick.  I don’t know if it’s just the flip flopping spring to winter to back to spring weather or what, but I have been cleaning up a storm (yes that was a very bad pun.  I have my head hung in shame.)  I mean, moving the furniture rolling up the rug and using several different cleaning implements type of cleaning…  My house has never been so clean.  And if you know me, you know this is not normal.  I’m a major fly by the seats of my pants kind of gal (now I’m quoting pretty woman, they day just keeps getting better) and my house usually has two clean rooms.  The kitchen and the bathroom.  Everything else gets cleaned when I feel like it (or when my husband caves and does it.  Which happens more than I would like to admit.)  I think dirty bathrooms and kitchens are just gross, so they get a daily dose of the squirt and wipe (again with the bad puns.  Bathroom humor never goes out of style, does it?   And yes, I am one classy lady, thanks for noticing).  But lately…  I’ve cleaned out the closets in all the rooms, I have gone through the kids rooms and gotten rid of toys they are too old for, I’ve become a regular at the drop off spot for Goodwill…  Which, in a purely random side note, is close to a Starbucks that I can’t go to because of the stupid economic blah, blah, blah…  See how timely and politically savvy my blog has become?  Anywhoo- it feels like I’m nesting.  And I KNOW I’m not with child.  So what has brought on this eratic behavior in one so normally sane and even tempered you may ask.  (I heard that snort and laugh.  That’s really not becoming behavior, you know.)  I have no idea.  Yeah, no opinion at all.  (Again, with the snort?  Honestly, you’re going to hurt yourself)  I just hope it passes soon so that I can get back to my blog reading, TV watching, couch sitting self whom I love so very much…    In the meantime, I guess I better make another batch of that all purpose cleaner stuff and get back to it.  I see a toy on the rug and my husband left (gasp) a spoon out by the sink….  Gotta go….

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  1. April 4, 2009 9:53 pm

    Are you on the way to my house? I agree that dirty kitchen and bathroom are gross – so why does that not motivate me much? 🙂

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