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What a Week!

April 14, 2009

Yes, I have been absent from my blog for a bit.   It was Easter AND we had my daughter’s fourth birthday.  She chose a princess theme.  You know, Cinderella and all the gals.  I have never called my daughter a princess and wouldn’t buy her the princess t-shirts UNTIL I was at Mardels (where I am not allowed to go, according to my husband, without a chaperon) and I saw the “I am a princess, my father is the King of Kings” stuff and decided that my daughter IS a princess.   I just hadn’t thought of it like that before.

Anywhoo- I have no point in this post.  It will be random ramblings.  You may come along for the ride if you like.  If that kind of post annoys you, you might want to just move it along and come back another day…

My daughter has decided she no longer wants to do dance.  AFTER, I may add, we have paid all the money for her recital and all.  So we are now bribing her to go to dance.  We have used the promise of ice cream, stickers, playing outside after dark.  I tell you, I am running out of ideas.  But we only have 3 more practices and then the big recital.  I think we will make it.  And then we are going to look into soccer.  Running around like mad and kicking a ball.  I think she will like that.

We watched our wedding video because we had to copy a portion for the singer to add to her stuff and Sweet Pea  got very upset.  She wanted to know where she was.  I kept telling her she wasn’t born yet.  And she thought that meant we left her at home.  She never did understand, but we put in her being born movie next and watched that.  It appeased her.  But then we had to watch her dance recital and various other holiday home movies that featured Sweet Pea the rest of the evening.  I can’t believe how fast she’s growing!  It truly is amazing.

We had and Easter Egg Hunt at church on Sunday.  And my daughter did very well.  She didn’t push or shove.  However, when it was all done, she casually looked in every basket and then ran over to my husband very excited.  “I got the most, daddy!” was her proud remark.  And my husband smiled and said, “That’s my girl.”  I have the sneaking suspicion he’s been “practicing” the egg hunt with her while my back was turned…  My son enjoyed the hunt as well.  He giggled every time he opened an egg and saw there was candy.  What can I say, that’s my boy….

We got a bad batch of seeds in the garden.  The cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce didn’t come up at all.  The radishes and turnips are going gangbusters.  We are going to go to the store and replenish the stuff that didn’t come up with some plants someone else did right.  I think we used seeds from last year.  My husband was in charge of that part.  He says I didn’t plant them right.  I was in charge of that part.  But really, how hard is it to plant seeds?  You make a tiny hole, pop it in, cover and water.  How could that not be done right?  And if you take his side, you will be banned from this blog.  Which you will be asked to honor since there is no way I can actually enforce that idea… 

Well, I guess that catches you up on my week.  It wasn’t that exciting, was it?  Ah well, I have high hopes for this week…  I’m sure there will be mass pandimonioum breaking out momentarily…

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  1. April 14, 2009 12:56 pm

    I’m sorry about your garden! I missed getting to visit with you today!

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