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Today is Wednesday. Repeat often…

May 6, 2009

Yesterday was a full day.  First of all, I went around all day thinking it was Monday so I missed my MOPS meeting and didn’t even realize it until I checked my email that night.  What’s worse is that I am on the STEERING TEAM and this was the meeting that was to finalize the stuff for the last meeting of the year.  And where was I?  Here at home thinking it was MONDAY!  I am becoming a flake.  And if you think I have always been one, you are most welcome to keep that comment to yourself.  Feel free to whisper behind my back.  Since I’m getting old and can’t remember what day it is, that would be the least of my concerns…  And I probably wouldn’t be able to hear you anyway with the oldness and all…  And even if I did, I most likely would forget all about it an hour later.  SIGH.

After getting up, at 6 am (which beats the heck all out of 4 am.  If you are regular readers of my missives, you know 4 am is the usual time my son decides to awaken to the day.)  I thought, hey what a great way to start the week.  sleeping in until 6 am on Monday.  It can only get better from here…  And of course, as I mentioned at LENGTH above, it was Tuesday.  So out of bed we get, and I bustle around the kitchen getting milk, coffee, and other morning essentials squared away when I look out the window and see THAT CAT swiping at my cucumber plants.  Which, until yesterday, had sweet little yellow flowers on them promising a healthy crop of cucumbers come harvest time.  Out the door I went screeching like a banshee (yes, that’s where my son gets it- refer to previous posts for an explanation of this) TOTALLY forgetting that my back door was locked.  You can go out, but you can’t get back in.  This is not the first time this has happened…  or even the second…  I would give you an exact count but I am OLD and can’t seem to remember simple things anymore, like what day it is, or that you can go out the backdoor but not in unless you UNLOCK the door…  So there I stood in the pre dawn darkness in a nightshirt that did little for me and was rather threadbare in a few nonstrategic places PRAYING I could remember where the spare key was and find it before the sun came up and anyone saw me.  Now, we do live in the country, but we also live on top of a hill with a clear line of site to three or four houses.  They probably couldn’t really see me without binoculars or a telescope, but my dignity cared little for these minor details.  Add to this picture a cat LAUGHING at me.  Rolling on his back, paws in the air, LAUGHING.  I swear that’s what he was doing…  He hadn’t forgotten the incident this past winter with the stick and frozen water bowl…  You’ll be glad to know the cat still lives.  I couldn’t catch the darn thing.  And it was getting lighter.  So I looked and found the key (All that Easter egg hunt practicing finally paid off) and I went back inside. 

I should have just called my mother in law to watch the kids and crawled back into bed…  But I was born an optimist.  It can only get better from here, right?  Right?  RIGHT? 

With the beautiful weather we had, I decided to head outside with the kids after FIRST UNLOCKING the door.  Even this old dog can learn a new trick.  Anywhoo- we went outside and were having a great time.  I was doing a bang up job supervising and all when the other cat came up and started rubbing against my legs.  Being the good mom that I am, I continue looking at the kids and reach down to scratch the cat’s head.  Except the cat had feathers…  In his mouth….  Attached to a bird….  And it was dead…  The bird, not the cat.  SIGH….  The cat proudly dropped the dead bird, sat back and awaited his praise.  Why couldn’t he just kill snakes and mice?   I didn’t want the kiddos to see the cat’s new ‘toy’, so I got the shovel (I am soooo not touching the dead bird.  Even though I was petting it not 1 minute ago.  I am a complicated person.)  Carrying it on the shovel, which now had the full attention of every living thing in the yard, I headed for the burn barrel.  Darn my super fast kids…  Amidst dancing children, jumping and hopping to get a peek at what was in the shovel, endless questions from my daughter (sometimes she talks soooo much I think my ears might bleed.  And she repeats herself.  So I’m not the only one to notice my super short memory.), a couple of dogs who knew something was up, and a complaining cat, I headed toward the burn barrel.  If I throw it over the fence, the cat brings it back.  If I try to bury it, the dog digs it up.  So burning it is.  Maybe it was a viking bird in a previous life and would appreciate the burning over burial…  I tossed it in and lit it up.  And I so will not talk about how the dogs looked at me like I had betrayed them and shunned me for the rest of the day, or how the cat sat right outside the circle of heat from the burn barrel and howled, and how the kids then questioned me endlessly about what happens when something dies…  Oh, I was soo not ready for that talk…  And have I mentioned that my daughter is at that peculiar stage of life where every answered question immediately leads to the follow up question of “Why?”  And that was just the morning….

So what did I do today to celebrate surviving yesterday?  Well, we can’t afford to go to Disneyland…  So I’m settling for eating a bowl of my daughter’s Lucky Charms and hopping the sugar rush hits fast…

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  1. May 7, 2009 9:55 pm

    I’m sorry you had a rough day! But it did make me giggle reading about it! 🙂 You’re not suffering from being old – you are experiencing Offspring-Induced Dementia. It happens to the best of us, including me!

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