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Nothing much…

May 19, 2009

I have been a lazy blogger.  Don’t blame me.  Nothing exciting has happened inweeks.  The chickens are gianormous but aren’t laying eggs yet.  All they do is eat and that other things chicken do as a result of eating.  And they run from me.  But not my husband.  Oh no.  They cackle and swarm around him, fluffing their feathers and begging for attention.  He tells me it’s because he rubs their breasts.  And then he laughs.  Men never age past 13 in their humor, do they?  Hussy chickens.  That’s the kind we have…

The garden is growing.  But nothing is ready to be harvested yet.  We are at that point in the gardening circle of life where we are constantly pulling weeds and dreaming of the produce yet to come.  Everything is growing nicely, though.  We have tomato plants, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, bell pepper, onion, potatoes, cantaloupe, radish, turnips, carrots, and green beans all sprawling over each other in their rush to be king of the garden.  Soon, we will have more stuff than I know what to do with.  But for now, pulling weeds is about all the action I get.  Sigh.

We did go blackberry picking this weekend.  Technically, they are dewberries, since they grow on vines instead of bushes.  It’s been so dull around here I actually googled the difference between the two.  Anywhoo- after loading all children and various gloves, bowls, and rubber boots into the truck, and driving down to the back part of our land where the dewberries grow, we spent approximately 15 minutes getting boots on and distributing bowls (I WILL bring all the same size and color next time) we waded into the patch.  After 1 minute of picking, Sweet Pea dumped her bowl onto the ground and stepped on all her hard work, and Little Buddy kept trying to go into the marshy area and use his bowl for mud collection.  I had had all the fun family time I could take.  So Honey took the little angels back to the truck where they stomped happily in their boots in the truck bed making all kinds of cool sounds and laughing uproariously at nothing while Honey guarded the tail gate and kept them penned.  I picked berries.  And got poison ivy.  And a few chiggers.  And a sunburn…  And then I got to guard the truck while Honey picked.  And got poison ivy.  And chiggers.  And a crazy sexy farmers tan.  I just know the chickens will love it.

So, today, we are making dewberry cobbler.  It will be a small and pitiful cobbler.  But all the fruit was free.  Kinda of.  We had to pay for some poison ivy cream.  And clear nail polish for the chiggers.  And suntan after lotion…  But other than that- it was free…

Happy Tuesday, everybody.  (Aren’t you impressed that I know what day of the week it is?  I’ve been working on that.)

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  1. May 19, 2009 8:29 pm

    Glad you know it’s Tuesday. I knew it was Tuesday too, but I must have thought it was last Tuesday b/c I showed up for MOPS. Today. Yep. I was so sorry to miss our last meeting. 😦

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