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And the weeks roll on.

July 15, 2009

Summer.  That word does inspire the laziness.  I have been having bursts of productiveness followed by large doses of laziness.  I’m choosing to blame summer.   Hey- we all have to cope however we are able.  

So.  What have I done lately?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Because I like to share like that…

We cleaned the pantry and laundry room.  It is super neat.  But the rest of the house did suffer.  The childrens’ rooms look like a herd of dancing elephants whirled through.  The kitchen and bathrooms are clean.  As always.  And I have been practicing my purchasing power by buying a few decorative items for the kitchen and living room.  We’ve lived here about 3ish years and, until last month, I had hung NOTHING on the walls.  Two children under the age of 4 have kept me too busy to even notice.  But all that has come to an end.  We have hung several family portraits, some art work from a friend, a couple of crosses here and there, and some plaques with bible verses on them.  It’s starting to look like a home.  I would share pictures, but the house is only half dressed and would be embarrassed to expose herself to the world at this time.  🙂  What started all this?  Well, I was lurking on one of my most favorite blogs, Kelly’s Korner, and she started a blog carnival on “Show us where you live Fridays.”  (If you haven’t read Kelly’s blog, you really are missing something.  There’s something so normal and friendly about her that I really enjoy.)  And I got to be a voyeur into other people’s homes.  I started looking around my house.  It was like I had been living in a fog for the last couple years.  I had done nothing to make this place a home.  Part of that is because we built a lot of our house ourselves, and still have not finished putting in baseboards (my husband promises that this will be done THIS winter), finished the tile black splash in the kitchen, touched up the paint on the walls, or painted all the doors.  I was in charge of the doors and got pregnant and couldn’t tolerate the smell and stopped halfway through.  Okay, not even halfway.  My parents came up and my dad finished a lot of the doors for me.  After the baby, well…  I’ve mentioned before he is the mutant child of the many hands and master of the stealth attack.  The thought of opening a can of paint with him anywhere near makes my eye twitch.  So I began to think.  I haven’t really invited anyone but family over and I think it’s because the house isn’t really finished.  I have invited a few people, in vague no date actually made kinds of way, but nobody has really been here.  And the people I have invited are the friends that I know love me and wouldn’t hold my unfinished-ness against me.  But really.  It needs to be done.  And so the honey do list has been created and lengthened and refined.  Except it’s not strictly a honey do list.  It’s a honey and mommy do list that involves trips to the home improvement place.  And purchasing a few furniture type items like bar stools for the kitchen bar counter and a game table for the living room and a new rug and a new couch and…  My husband should be scared.  Very very scared.

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