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And then there were three… And other random thoughts.

July 27, 2009

So far, our chickens have laid three eggs.  It’s very exciting.  Yeah, I don’t get out much.  Anywhoo- it’s like a mini treasure hunt to go out there and look for eggs.  Although digging through hay that has had chickens STUFF in is not quite the fun it could be.  I do have a special pair of gloves.  Because that STUFF just grosses me out.  But finding the eggs is super cool.  Yeah, I just used the phrase super cool.  Blog reading just doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

I have been working on several projects.  I am making a Mini Patchfolio by Craft Apple.  Who, by the way is very nice and doesn’t even laugh or make fun of people who should now better and try to pay using pay pal with an expired card and then fix that problem only to realize that they accidentally ordered TWO patterns and had to email and apologize and ask if it would be too much trouble to cancel one of the orders.  She graciously took care of all my high maintenance problems and even wrote Thank you on the pattern package as if she wouldn’t mind dealing with me again.  Yeah, she doesn’t really know me yet.  She has a few patterns I wouldn’t mind having.  But my husband has put me on a budget.  SIGH.  And I’m working on a quilt.  I have all the blocks done.  I just need to lay it out and sew the blocks together, and add batting, and a backing, and quilt it, and then bind it.  Yeah, I’m almost done.  Any day now…

Anywhoo-  I will add pictures (of the mini patchfolio and the quilt) when I am done.  I am sooo into my sewing machine right now.  It’s so cool to take some fabric and turn it into something I would so spend money on buying in a store.  Yes, it IS super cool.  That phrase really does describe things perfectly.

I have also finished crocheting my daughters baby blanket.  Why yes, she did just celebrate her fourth birthday, thanks for noticing.  And I started this blanket the year I married.  In December of 2003.  I seem to have a small problem with procrastination.  It really is tacky to laugh about other people’s shortcomings, you know.  My son’s blanket is 75% finished.  The problem I’m having there is that I’ve forgotten what pattern I was using…  The baby blanket I’m crocheting for my cousin’s baby girl is about 80% finished.  Unfortunately, I’m bored with it.  Of course, she’s only a couple months old.  I have lots of time to finish…  Plenty of time…  Really…

I’ll add pictures of Sweet Pea’s blanket when I take them.  With my past track record, you should expect to see those around the year  2014ish…

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