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Some more completed projects… Yea, ME!

August 13, 2009

I started with this:

 Charisma fabric and flour sack towels

Charisma Fabric and Flour sack towels.

And I made this as a housewarming gift:

Housewarming Dishtowels 

I got the idea from this blog.  I have found oodles (and yes, it is a word) of ideas from there.  They are fantabulous.

And then I made this:

 "Back to School" Pillowcase #1

All of the fabrics came from Wal Mart.  I got the idea from another blog.  You have to scroll almost all the way to the bottom (October 5, 2006) This mom is big into family traditions.  Creating them and sharing her ideas with others.  She has some other marvelous ideas that I am so going to steal.  I’ll pass them on to you guys as I go.  Aren’t you the lucky one?  And yes, I did have to read through her archives to find this little gem.  I am a very scary blog lurker.  This pillow is for my Sweet Pea.  It’s a “Back to School” Pillowcase.  The idea is that every year, on the night before school, she will sleep on this.  I’m thinking about embroidering her name in the red section.  What do you think?

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