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Fish sticks…

February 18, 2010

Welp, today was very exciting.  I was up at 4 am thanks to my son.  (When he is 16- he will rue the day he thought waking up at 4 am was a good idea.  I shall have my revenge!!!)  And then I pretended to be awake and drank some coffee and watched the children…  Nobody got hurt so it was a successful endeavor…  And then my husband got up around 7ish and I went back to bed.  And slept until noonish.  I only got up because Honey had to go in to work today.  So.  Here it is, 3:15 and I’m just marking time until I can convince the children it’s bedtime and go back to sleep.  I seem to have caught a little bug.  A cold type bug that makes my head feel heavy and my eyes want to stay close.  For dinner, we are having fish sticks.  And then we are watching some Scooby Doo on TV.  And if the kids talk too much, I’m so giving them cookies to keep them quiet.  Oh yes I will.  And you thought you missed me…

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