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Better Today…

February 19, 2010

Well, I am feeling a bit better today.  I love Fridays.  No more running around for two days!!  We have church on Sunday- but that’s five minutes away.  I’m becoming quite the homebody.  I think it’s because my children are 2 and 4.  I can only handle so much of them in public.  I know this season will pass, but for right now- I’m not enjoying being out and about with them in tow.  Sometimes they are perfect little cherubs and charm the pants off of everyone in a twenty mile radius.  On those days, we walk in to Wal Mart and my children smile and greet the greeter with their name and age and big goofy grins.  And then there’s those other times.  When I can’t get them out of the store fast enough.  Today, we had a melt down in Target because I wouldn’t let my son stand on the handlebar thingy of the shopping cart.  Nothing else would appease the little beast.  Because I tried.  Candy, toys, pulling my hair…  Nothing distracted him from his hearts true desire.  To stand on the handles of the shopping cart.  I guess he’s preparing for the day he runs away to join the circus because his mommy is so very mean.  And won’t let him do ANYTHING fun.  Yes, I see the teen years coming.   I’m praying now for patience for those years.  Because (like the cliche) if I pray for strength, I may just beat them to death.  (Don’t worry- I don’t really beat my kids.  They tempt my sorely, but I AM the grown-up!)

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