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Guess what’s in the shed? Part 2

May 18, 2010

I went out to take care of the baby chicks.  You know, water and feed and ohhh and ahhh over the super cuteness.  And I started counting them.  Hmmm..  They do move fast…  Count again…  And again…  I’m still not getting the right number.  We have a lawn mower and trimmer in the shed.  To keep it out of the rain and all…  Well, I started shifting things around looking for the missing chicks.  We are missing three… Hmmmm…..  I STICK MY HAND UNDER THE LAWN MOWER.  How dumb was that?!?   Guess what I found?  No, not the three missing chicks although they were present in some form……   I didn’t seem to feel much so I lifted the edge of the mower….  And am confronted by two beady eyes and a very forked tongue licking the air.  There is a SNAKE in the shed.  Living under the lawn mower and snacking on my adorable baby chicks.  Needless to say, I dropped that lawn mower and screeched… I hightailed it out of that shed, leaving the defenseless baby chicks to their DOOM!  I called my husband and he is on his way home….  Surely, the snake is full….  I don’t really need to go out there again…  Do I?

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