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June 20, 2010

Yes, it’s summertime again.  What a feeling…  I don’t have children in “school” so you would think that summertime wouldn’t have quite the same feel.  And yet somehow it does…Lazy, hazy, sitting around and sipping cool drinks, watching the kids play in the insane heat.  And planning.  Summer has always been about planning to me.  When I taught, it was all about gearing up for the next year.  Thinking over my year and sussing out what worked and what didn’t.  A whole bunch of reflection and evaluation.  No physical writing or organizing or anything that would show.  Just a bunch of cerebral work.  And I find myself leaning toward that again.  Except this type of planning involves how to improve things around here.  Determining what type of livestock we want to tackle next.  Figuring out how to plant a fall garden and what all to put in it that will work here in Texas.  Landscaping the front and back yard.  And a lot of time contemplating our house.  There are a lot of things I love about our house.  We’ve lived here about 4ish years.  But we haven’t really “finished” it.  The reasons for this involve money and time.  We don’t seem to have enough of either.  We were married a little later in life than most, so we had to combine two different styles of furniture, decorating styles, and color.  I got pregnant the first year of our marriage and quit my job, so there was no money for anything “new” other than necessities.  And when I say that- I mean a crib, a changing table, a glider (my husband gave me this as a gift for rocking our babies), mattresses for us, mattresses for my son’s big boy bed, and blinds for the window in the bathroom.  Everything else is hand me down or what we had before the marriage.  Even the window treatments have been limited to the “public” rooms- valances in the kitchen, valances and panels in the great room, and my MIL made drapes for both kids rooms.  In our bedroom, we are using drapes that I had from the house I lived in before (which was a model house and what was left there by the builder).  We aren’t really fond of the colors used in the drapes (they were for a child’s room) but they are lined in white so, from the outside, it looks okay.   And in the master bathroom, we just have plain white plantation blinds.  I want new furniture.  And yes, it is a want- not a need.  So we will not be getting any, no matter how much I want…  Putting that aside, I’ve decided that something needs to be done about my unhappiness with our living space.  We do all our “living” in the great room, so that is where I will start.  The furniture can’t be changed.  So.  What can I do?  I need ideas that cost little and will have big impact.  I’m thinking about painting the walls.  And saving up for carpet squares to replace the horrible area rug.  Maybe choosing a few of the “nature photography” type shots I have taken from our land and blowing them up to hang on the walls.   I am leaning toward the colors of sea glass.  Blues, greens, and white.

What do you think?  My kitchen is painted a deep ocean blue that I love.  But I’m thinking of toning that down a little and using glossy white for the trim and then the FUTURE furniture can be a shade of green.  Throw in a few accent pieces of amber (another color that I LOVE) and call it done!  I don’t want to go too “beachy” since we are in the MIDDLE of Texas and there is NO beach anywhere near us.  And I’m not too hip on the shells, starfish, and net decor.  I would like to add some nature in with wooden pedestals and glass domes showing things like bird nests and stuff we “find” when we are out walking.  Of course, it’s summer (remember the lazy?)  So  all this is just talk…  We will see if any action really follows…
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