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Up to no good…

July 18, 2010

Yep, that’s right.  We are up to nothing good here.  Our favorite pastime has become watching the kids chase grasshoppers and feed them to the chickens.  Those chickens go nuts when they see the kids coming.  They jump on each other and cackle and clammer for attention.  And when the  grasshopper is dropped in their pen, one of the chicks grabs it and starts running, trying desperately to swallow it in one gulp before the other chickens catch up to it.  It’s better than T.V.

In other news (yep, I started off with the most riveting information- it’s all downhill from here…)  I have started a new crochet project.  Not that I’ve finished the ones I started earlier.  Oh no.  I think life is too short to actually COMPLETE something…

Here’s what I’m working on these days:

It’s going to be a blanket for my parents RV.  Maybe.  Right now, it’s just a square.  But one day, if it makes wise choices and eats all it’s veggies- it will grow up to become a glorious afghan.

Oh- my husband got a promotion and is now “Captain” daddy around our house.  When my children call him that, you can almost hear theme music and see a cape ruffling in the wind…

Hope your summer is going well.  Blessings to all.

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