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Birthday Survival

April 18, 2010

Well, Sweet Pea’s birthday party was set for Saturday at 2:00 pm.  I finished the cake at 1:45 pm.  Other than spending the party dusted with powdered sugar and a dollop or two of icing on my shoulder (don’t ask me how it got there- I’m a wild woman), all went well.

Here’s the final version:

And here’s a few more lovely princess that would not fit on the cake.  I would say their skirts were too fat for the cake, but who am I to judge?  I have my own issues…

The birthday party was a success.  No one got hurt.  And really, with over 12 kids (who can count when they are all moving that fast?!?), that’s all you can ask for.  Or maybe that’s just me…

And now for the play by play:

As people arrived, we just let the kids play.  After everyone who was coming got here, we hustled those kiddos into the living room for a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” and Sweet Pea blew out the candles with just a little help from her brother.  Little Buddy didn’t really understand it was not HIS birthday.  Sweet Pea only pouted a little bit.  Because, next on the list, was opening presents!!  The first present she opened was clothing.  With a very verbal “Yuck” she tossed it aside and went after another one.  What’s a mom to do?  I gave her the ‘ole stink eye and reminded her to say thank you.  Luckily, the clothing was from my mom and, well, she experienced raising me- so she understood…  The rest of the gift opening went smoothly and Sweet Pea was verbally and dramatically appreciative of every gift.  There was a lot of hugging of toys and “That’s just what I wanted!” with her thank you’s.  It was very entertaining.  Almost like seeing a real play…

After the presents, we did cake and ice cream.  And then there was miscellaneous playing.  After awhile, I called the kids back together and we did the pinata.  Now, I’m not too hip on the whole give a kid a stick and let him wack away at something while blind folded…  I’m usually the wackee… So we got the pull the string variety.  I had all the kids grab a string (yeah- not the way the directions read- but I am a maverick, thankyouverymuch) and on the count of three, everybody pulled.  Well, nothing happened.  So we all selected a second string and pulled.  And the little door flew open.  And nothing else happened.  Dum Dums and pinata’s don’t mix, evidently.  With all these little faces looking upward with so much longing, something had to be done.  So I waded into the child pool and shook it to make it rain candy.  There were no pictures…

Next, we made sun visors.  I bought the foam visors at Hobby Lobby and a few packs of foam stickers.  The more glittery the better.  They seemed to have a good time.  Then there was more playing.  At last, it was time for everyone to go home.  For party favors, we handed out kites tied with ribbon with a little note saying “Thank you for helping Sweet Pea celebrate her fifth birthday”.

It was a good day.  The end.

What have I done?

April 15, 2010

I love my baby girl.  More than life itself.  But what was I thinking?

I have until Saturday to turn this:

Into this:

Oh, sweet Jesus, if you would like to return before Saturday- that would be A-okay with me…  Amen.

This fancy cake came from this website called “Coolest Birthday Cakes”.  I was just looking.  Trying to get ideas for an easy princess cake for my girl.   EASY.  And Sweet Pea snuck up behind me.  “Ohhhhh mommmaa!  I want a cake like that!”  I should know better.  And of course I said, “Whatever you want, sweetheart.”  Because, earlier,  I had been looking at all the baby pictures of my little girl and on Monday, she will be FIVE YEARS OLD. Where did my baby go?  I love the big girl she is, but where is my precious little baby girl?  I would have given her the moon and the stars if she had asked for them.  I’m just so glad she didn’t ask for a pony…  I don’t know how I would explain that to her daddy…

Going on a walk

April 6, 2010

Our favorite thing to do in the spring is to take a walk.  Things change ever so quickly during the month.  The trees go from little leaf budlets (yes that is a scientific term that I just made up) to full blown leafs in a matter of days.  And the wildflowers.  Amazing.  Well, here’s a few pictures of our corner of the amazing world.

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March 29, 2010

I have a new obsession…  I have discovered a new (to me) blog full of crochet yumminess.  And it has inspired me to move outside my normal comfort zone of color and try something new.  I have decided to try my hand at a new blanket.  Because I have nothing else that I want that I need to do.  It’s okay to let laundry hibernate, right?  It will still be there tomorrow.  And the next day.  And it’s almost warm enough for the kids to roam around naked and free anyway, right?  And warmer weather means cereal for dinner so we don’t have to turn the oven on- are you with me?  Anyhow- I have started a new blanket.  Now, I can only afford super cheap yarn that is sold at Wal Mart and so I’ve decided to make this a picnic blanket.  Because super cheap yarn is also super indestructible, washable, and hardy.  It will survive at least as long as the cockroaches should the world end.  Unless there’s fire.  Because acrylic melts.  I think I’ve lost my topic… And yes, it’s like this in my brain all day.   Rereading…  Okay- New blanket.  Here’s the link to the blanket I’m making.  And, because I love you all- here’s a picture of how far I’ve gotten.
Picnic Blanket

If you don’t know how to crochet and want to learn- I would highly recommend using Attic 24 and Youtube to learn.  I would be glad to teach anyone willing to come to my house.  As long as you pretend that it’s clean.  It’s a small deception and I will love you forever for it.  If you already know how to crochet and have not done so in awhile- pick up your hook again!  There are soooo many free patterns out there.  I would recommend joining Ravelry.  It’s free and they have tons of pattens and pictures and advice.  It’s almost like having friends…

In other news- Anyone know if Febreezing a dog is okay?  I’m only asking because ours has discovered a skunk.  I don’t think it was a direct hit- the smell isn’t that strong.  And I am so not bathing the dog.  I have my hands full trying to bath the children every day…

Busy Busy Spring!

March 13, 2010

Well, today is the day.  The day we get our garden in the ground.  Yes, I know how very late I am.  Yes, I had to buy starter plants instead of planting seeds.  Hey- I’ve been busy.  Really busy.  Doing what, you may ask.  Well, I can’t remember all the little details I’ve been busy I tell you!

So I’m a little defensive…

Fine.  I haven’t been busy.  I’ve been lazy.  Yep- I’m owning it (since you are not believing the busy bit).  LAZY with all caps.  But that’s okay.  Because today that will all end!  Really!  I mean it!  Right after I have a couple of cups of coffee, check my email, watch a little tv and then I’ll be right on that garden like white on rice.  Yes, ma’am.  Right away.

And if you’re really lucky (or unlucky, depending on your view) I will post pictures of said garden.  Just to prove I did do it.  Look for those pictures sometime before summer…

Better Today…

February 19, 2010

Well, I am feeling a bit better today.  I love Fridays.  No more running around for two days!!  We have church on Sunday- but that’s five minutes away.  I’m becoming quite the homebody.  I think it’s because my children are 2 and 4.  I can only handle so much of them in public.  I know this season will pass, but for right now- I’m not enjoying being out and about with them in tow.  Sometimes they are perfect little cherubs and charm the pants off of everyone in a twenty mile radius.  On those days, we walk in to Wal Mart and my children smile and greet the greeter with their name and age and big goofy grins.  And then there’s those other times.  When I can’t get them out of the store fast enough.  Today, we had a melt down in Target because I wouldn’t let my son stand on the handlebar thingy of the shopping cart.  Nothing else would appease the little beast.  Because I tried.  Candy, toys, pulling my hair…  Nothing distracted him from his hearts true desire.  To stand on the handles of the shopping cart.  I guess he’s preparing for the day he runs away to join the circus because his mommy is so very mean.  And won’t let him do ANYTHING fun.  Yes, I see the teen years coming.   I’m praying now for patience for those years.  Because (like the cliche) if I pray for strength, I may just beat them to death.  (Don’t worry- I don’t really beat my kids.  They tempt my sorely, but I AM the grown-up!)

Fish sticks…

February 18, 2010

Welp, today was very exciting.  I was up at 4 am thanks to my son.  (When he is 16- he will rue the day he thought waking up at 4 am was a good idea.  I shall have my revenge!!!)  And then I pretended to be awake and drank some coffee and watched the children…  Nobody got hurt so it was a successful endeavor…  And then my husband got up around 7ish and I went back to bed.  And slept until noonish.  I only got up because Honey had to go in to work today.  So.  Here it is, 3:15 and I’m just marking time until I can convince the children it’s bedtime and go back to sleep.  I seem to have caught a little bug.  A cold type bug that makes my head feel heavy and my eyes want to stay close.  For dinner, we are having fish sticks.  And then we are watching some Scooby Doo on TV.  And if the kids talk too much, I’m so giving them cookies to keep them quiet.  Oh yes I will.  And you thought you missed me…

A return to life…

February 15, 2010

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a down time in life.  A time when, for absolutely NO reason, everything just seems wrong.  Welp- I just finished a season of that.  I know God uses all things to help us grow, but some things I really wish I could miss.  Which makes me realize that I didn’t learn what I needed to in that season and it’s like to come back again.  Sheesh. 

Well, my life has been busy.  I’ve forgotten many things I wanted to share.  But I will let you know what’s going on now in my life.  We had a blast of cold here in Texas and my honey went all manly and headed to the back of the property to cut fallen trees for firewood.  He spent the morning out there with the chainsaw and came back grinning like a fool.  Very proud of himself, he was.  We headed to the bathroom and stripped down to shower.  And being the good wife that I am (Yes, it does happen on occasion) I decided to do laundry and sorted the clothes into piles.  Noting that my clothes would go in the first batch, I promptly took them off and tossed them onto the pile of clothes that were to go in the first load.  The load containing my husbands outside clothes…  Naked as the way God made me- I scooped up the clothes and headed for the laundry room.  The first and last time I take clothes naked to the laundry room.  Guess who is hyper-sensitive to posion ivy.  Really?  In WINTER?!?  Yep.  By the next day, I was splotchy and itchy and red along my hips and belly.  And, there was seepiness.  Now this occurred on a Friday.  What to do-  emergency room?  I don’t think so!  I can tough it out!!!  By Monday morning, I was hoping for a quick death…  I was able to get in to the doctor to find out that, yes, I am HYPER sensitive to posion ivy.  Of which my husband, evidently, is NOT allergic.  Good to know.  They prescribed some medicine that causes insomnia and sent me home.  Oh joy.  No sleep, itchiness, seepage, and two small children…  Normal stuff in my life…   Of  course, my story would not be that simple.  Oh no…  By Thursday evening, I was developing a NEW angry red itchy rash.  Saturday saw me a complete basket case (yes, it was a side effect listed from the medicine!  How fun is that?) And on Monday, I was back in the doctor’s office with congestive heart failure, a rash that reached from my chest past my stomach, down my legs to my knees.  And in the inside of my elbows.  Turns out, they thought I might be allergic to the medicine they had prescribed for the posion ivy.  How neat is that?  And so, they took me off the meds and sent me home with over the counter benedryl and zyrtec.  Three days later, and I’m still getting worse.  Another trip to the doctor and it turns out it’s NOT the medicine.  And so begins the great quest of discovering just what it is I should be avoiding.  Besides doing laundry naked…  Turns out, I’m allergic to bear meat.  Our new neighbors are hunters and killed a bear in Washington state.  They kindly shared the meat with us.  It was delicious.  And the last time in my life I will ever get to eat it.  The doc said they had seen reactions similar to mine in realtion to venision.  Bear meat.  Okay.  I will add that to the list of things to never do again…  No naked laundry and no bear meat.  I think I can remember that…

Here’s hoping ya’ll are having an itch free day!

Bloggy Break

December 27, 2009

October?!? Really?!? Obviously, I have been taking a boggy break. I have some stuff going on I need to work through and then I’ll be back. Very terminatorish, don’t you think? Hope you all are doing well. God Bless!

Welcome to flu season!

October 2, 2009

Since it’s fall, I figured it was a good time to break out the hand sanitizer gifts.  Here’s the one I made for Sweet Pea’s teacher:

Jumbo Sized Hand Sanitizer

I got the idea from this blog.

It’s amazing what a printer, glue and ribbon can do.  If I was still teaching, I would so love this gift.  I let Sweet Pea Pick the ribbon and paper colors.  I even let her stick stuff on.  It makes her happy.  We will be taking it to school on Tuesday.  What’s the occasion?  Well, it’s fall (aka FLU season) and I thought maybe her teacher would share with the class.  I always did.


In other news, the chickens are laying up a storm.  We have 5 dozen eggs in the fridge.  I’m thinking about leaving them on people’s front porch, ringing the doorbell and running.