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Last day of PK

May 25, 2010

Tomorrow is Sweet Pea’s last day of PreK.  It’s been a great year.  God truly blessed us with the best teacher possible for my stubborn, dramatic, over the top, can’t stop talking if her life depended on it daughter.  Having taught before becoming a stay at home mom, I really appreciate all her teacher did to help her learn and grow this year.  So tomorrow will be bittersweet for me.  I will be glad to see Sweet Pea graduate and move on to Kindergarten, but I will really miss her teacher and the understanding she had of all that was my precious Sweet Pea.

Today was also the day our peaches were ready to be picked.

So Sweet Pea and I picked those peaches and then packed some up for an end of the year gift for her teacher.

A little ribbon and paper, and we are done!  We had given her a gift card to a restaurant earlier in the year as her major gift.  This was just a little bonus.

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