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What have I been doing?

September 28, 2009

Well, that’s an easy enough question. A whole lot of cleaning and running around to preschool, grocery store, and other errand type places. There have been some parades, playgroups, and gardening thrown in as well. Just so I can be well rounded and all. And I have even had time for some God time. Sorta. Most nights, anyway. The downside to all this activity, is that I have been absent from blog world. It’s not so bad. I don’t have many readers left, so there’s no one to disappoint when I just don’t get to it. However, the down side is that I haven’t been keeping track of all that has been happening in my life and my kiddo’s life. Which is what I really want my blog to be. A sorta remembrance of things past. I hope I can do better in the weeks ahead. I have made a tote bag on my handy dandy sewing machine, but don’t have any pics yet. I have also created the all important Christmas list. And for those of you groaning and rolling your eyes at how early I am- I just want to let you know that the reason I am so uber organized is that we are trying to MAKE all our gifts this year in order to save some money. Yes, that nasty word “budget” again. Of course, when I say WE- I mean ME. So I have a gazillion irons in the fire and may even have to build a few more fires to get some more irons in. I love a good metaphor. Apparently, I also love a bad metaphor as well, hence the fire and irons allusions. So. My life in a nutshell. In under 300 words, thankyouverymuch.

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