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Grandparents Day (or week)

September 10, 2009

So…  Sweet Pea had Grandparents week this week at preschool.  I thought it was just Grandparents DAY, but evidently the grandparent greatness can not be contained to just one day.  On Wednesday, we invited Honey’s parents up to the school.  And tomorrow it’s my parents turn.  I’m not sure what they do with them up there, but Sweet Pea said it was lots of fun.  Okay then.  My child that can’t stop talking about any and everything has decided that she doesn’t want to elaborate.  Honestly, when you want them to be quiet, they talk until your ears hurt.  But ask a direct question, and you get single syllable answers.  Junior High is going to be soooo much fun!  I heard there were pictures, but that is like second/third hand information and my child will neither confirm nor deny such statements.

On Sunday, our church is having Grandparents Day.  But at least I will be there to see first hand what happens instead of getting some general “It was fun” comment.

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