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Grooming the Dog

January 29, 2009

Have you ever tried to groom a schnauzer?  A 16 year old, blind, deaf, doesn’t like to be touched schnauzer?  Not even Super Mom could make this come out right.  I know because I hummed the theme music the whole time the clippers were going.  And Sweet Pea kept him supplied with plenty of dog treats to minimize the moving and trying to bite thing.  Not that he can bite.  He’s 16.  It hurts his teeth.  He just kinda slobbers and gums you a little.  The floor was littered with dog hair.  Not to mention me.  And he wouldn’t eat any more dog treats.  I never have been good at hitting a moving target.  So I figured   I was done.   I stood back to admire my work.  Uh-oh.  Did I mention that this is my husband’s dog before we got married?  The one he has spoiled and catered to all his life?  UH-OH.  Well, maybe it’s not too bad.  There are only two bald spots…  Okay, maybe three…  And I missed his whole back leg…  And part of his chest…   I mean, it’s really not that bad..  When he’s laying down and sleeping all curled up, he looks almost cute…

Hmmm…  Let’s see if I can find that recipe for pork chops and vermicelli that Honey’s mom gave me when we got married.  Because it’s his favorite…  And maybe that lemon pie recipe she gave me.  He likes that a lot, too…   

Why, you may ask, did I try to groom the schnauzer?  Because our groomer will no longer do it because he’s 16years old, blind, deaf, and doesn’t like to be touched.  Now he also has to deal with having a bad hair day every morning.  I was going to post pictures.  But I didn’t want to add poor self-esteem to the poor schnauzer’s problems.  And you wondered why I didn’t post anything yesterday…

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