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Not so controlled chaos…

May 4, 2009

Yes, I have been remiss in my blogging duties.  My only excuse is that my son has developed a severe case of “I-need-you-by-my-side-every-minute-of-the-day-and-night-and-no-you-can-not-even-leave-my-line-of-sight-to-go-potty-alone” disease.  I’m pretty sure that’s the medical term…  And he has developed a nice piercing screech/yell to express his displeasure at ANYTHING I do that does not meet his criteria of “stuff a mother is suppose to do.”  Yes, it does sound a lot like the “terrible twos” except for the fact that my son is not 2 yet!  Either the boy is GT (What we in Texas label our incredibly advanced children,short for gifted and talented) or and idiot savant… I’m too tired to make that call…  While composing this meager paragraph, I have had to stop to change a diaper (I’m so glad he learned to say, “Mom, I pooed!” so proudly), gotten two glasses of juice (my girl child had to have some too- after I put the juice back in the fridge and cleaned the counter- I spill lots with an almost two year old hanging on to my legs), changed the DVD (He loves Baby Einstein- so maybe it’s the GT thing?), rescued a dolly from near certain decapitation as my Godzilla sized boy child stuffed the whole head in his mouth (and yes, it got stuck just a little bit, but the doll is ok.  And the boy child was not harm during this removal procedure.  We were able to release him back into the wild with minimalscreeching and mother eardrum damage.), and removed said boy child from the chair he got stuck in (it has to do with his rather large bottom and the space between the cushion and the back of the chair.  He does this three, maybe four times a day.   Idiot savant?)

So things have been pretty happening around here.  I’m reminded of Mater’s famous line in the Pixar movie Cars, “I’m as happy as a tornado in a trailer park.”  Except for me, it goes a little like this, “I’m as happy as a trailer in a trailer park during a tornado.”  And real  literary allusion was way beyond me.  On my steady diet of animated fare, I’m lucky my brain hasn’t melted out of my head.  At least Baby Einstein uses predominately classical music.  It’s all the culture I’m getting.

On the plus side, no one in my house has the swine flu.  Or the Mexican flu.  Or the H1N1 virus.  Whatever they are calling it these days.  I don’t really watch the news, my husband just gives me the highlights when he gets home and I’m washing the dishes.  Of course he’s playing with the kids/keeping all holy H-E-double hockey sticks from breaking out in our living room at the same time, so the messages get a little garbled.  I’m sure President Obama did not throw a toy block at his sister, or charge the taxpayers pennies to put in their piggy banks if they will just scratch his head.  But then again, who knows?

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